Monthly Subscription Variety // 12-Pack

Monthly Subscription Variety // 12-Pack

41.99 every month 59.99 every month


A variety pack is the perfect gift for the taste explorer. Feeling bold? Try our original, Dark Wild! Or are you more in the mood for something desserty that also doubles as a gentle pick-me-up? If so, wait ‘til you taste our newest additions, Salted Caramel & Midnight Mocha. It’s time to rediscover cacao!


  • 12 Bottles/Case

  • 10 fl.oz. Per Bottle

  • 4 Bottles of Each Flavor (Dark Wild, Salted Caramel, Midnight Mocha)

  • Plant-based Energy

  • Sweetened with Organic Coconut Sugar from the Coconut Blossom.

  • Gentle Energy + Antioxidant-rich

  • 20-40mg Caffeine + 110-150mg Theobromine