Flavanols…Flavonoids…Antioxidants // Why Is It So Confusing?!


So, here's the rundown. Flavanols are a specific type of flavonoid, or plant-based antioxidant. Flavanols < Flavonoids < Antioxidants. And raw cacao is the number one source of antioxidants in the world – more than 40 times the antioxidant capacity of blueberries.

Now, that that's settled, let’s talk about why cacao flavanols are special. Because they are. Cacao flavanols support circulation by improving the elasticity of our blood vessels, which tend to become more rigid with age. Ever heard of the phrase, “to be set in your ways”? Better circulation throughout the body promotes brain, heart and skin health due to the increase in oxygen and nutrients that blood carries.

Cacao flavanols = better circulation.                   

Better circulation = more oxygen and nutrients.

More oxygen and nutrients = better brain, heart and skin health.

Cacao flavanols support the health of your body’s most important organ (your brain), your most important muscle (your heart) and your largest organ (your skin). Now we know why the indigenous used to call cacao the, “food of the gods.”

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