Cacao // Skin Health


Let's talk about your skin. It's important. And not only for your appearance. Your skin is important because it performs so many essential tasks for your body. It protects you from viruses and bacteria. It protects your from the harmful UV light of the sun's rays. It helps you regulate your body temperature. And it's how you feel pain and pressure and experience the world around you. But how can you take better care of it?

"Health skin is a reflection of overall wellness." -Dr. Howard Murad MD

A proverbial river of life that flows throughout our bodies, the circulatory system carries precious oxygen, nutrients and hormones to each and every organ and cell in your body, including your skin. It’s a vital aspect of overall health, helping to deliver immune cells to help fight pathogens and carry away metabolic waste and toxicity.

Circulation is necessary for both nourishment and detoxification.

Poor circulation can lead to unhealthy skin. Unattractive skin tone, skin discoloration, acne and inflammation, decelerated healing, wrinkles and aged skin, and dark eye circles are all byproducts of poor circulation and unhealthy skin.

Cacao can help. By combining the power of antioxidant flavanols and theobromine, cacao promotes better circulation. Flavanols improve the elasticity of blood vessels, while theobromine helps dilate them. Theobromine also stimulates your heart so that it pumps stronger and circulates more nutrient-rich blood through your body more effectively.

Next time you're thinking about your skin, think about what you're putting in your body and not on it. Salud!

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