Cacao Has Over 600 Unique Flavors & Aromas // It’s Complex


Complexity can be understood any number of different ways.

For example, when a woman says she is “fine,” she is indeed NOT fine. Women are complex. Another example of complexity, yawning. Why do people yawn and why is yawning contagious? Yawning is complex. 

Confucious once said that, “life is really simple, but we insist on making in complicated.”

Well, we’re going to try to keep this very simple.

Cacao has over six hundred unique flavors and aromas. That’s three times the complexity of wine. Cacao beans grow in a football-shaped pod that itself grows from the trunk of a tree. Even more, each individual bean of a cacao pod is genetically unique and distinct from its pod-mates. What?!

How is any of that simple? You’re right. Cacao is crazy complex.

Upriver Cacao