Cacao Flavanols // Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease


We've talked about cacao flavanols previously in our Cacao // Your Brain post, but this is different. This is a matter of the heart. Are you ready to take a deep dive into the unknown?

As our bodies age, our blood vessels become less flexible and less able to expand and allow blood to circulate normally. Ever heard of the phrase, "to be set in your ways"? This rigidity of our blood vessels increases the risk of hypertension and is linked to cardiovascular disease, the number one cause of deaths worldwide.

This isn’t a horror story though. It’s a love story. We love cacao and so does your heart. Cacao flavanols are plant-derived antioxidants and have been shown to have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. Cacao flavanols improve the elasticity of blood vessels and lower both blood pressure and cholesterol.

Researchers’ results have indicated that flavanol intake reduces the 10-year risk of being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease by 22% and the 10-year risk of suffering a heart attack by 31%. 

Go with your heart. Be happy. Be healthy. Drink cold brew cacao.

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