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Arriba Nacional

Similar to the Bordeaux region of France and its famous wine, 'Arriba' refers to a famous coastal region of Ecuador situated between the Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean. The cacao grown here is widely considered to be some of the finest in all of the world and is renowned for its full taste and complex fruity, floral notes.

The Legend of Upriver Cacao

How did the 'Arriba' region get its name you ask? In the early 19th century, a Swiss chocolatier traveled to Ecuador in search of a hidden treasure. One foggy morning, while navigating up the Guayas River, he spotted a few natives hauling freshly harvested cacao pods on their backs. The wild cacao's complex fruity, floral aroma captivated him. When he asked them where they had found it, they replied, "rio arriba," or upriver. 


"That’s why I found it strange ... she turned to cacao for her early morning pick-me-up. Not coffee. Cacao."

— Our Cacao Love Story


Our Cacao Love Story

Ecuador holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a mysterious country. The size of Colorado. It has everything. Rich coasts. Towering volcanos. Exotic islands. Seductive rainforests. It was in Ecuador that we fell in love. My wife, Claudia, actually grew up in neighboring Colombia. A few years ago, a coffee grower and neighbor to one of her relatives entered his coffee beans into the national coffee competition and won ‘Best Tasting Coffee in Colombia’. Best of the best. That’s why I found it strange when Claudia explained to me that when she was growing up she turned to cacao for her early morning pick-me-up. Not coffee. Cacao.

Claudia Bomgaars, Co-founder

Claudia Bomgaars, Co-founder

Curtis Bomgaars, Co-founder

Curtis Bomgaars, Co-founder


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